THE LAST NECKLACE – Sterling Silver Figaro


Best Staple Necklace Ever!!!

THE All Length Figaro Necklace 4 in 1

( Wear this baby any length)

Clip up for your neckline look, or clip for medium length.



Perfect silver – great price point, great longevity, great for anyone with nickel allergies. No nickel

All are at the magic length 34.5″

Please add your customization info here. (Colour, length etc.)


Sterling Silver Lifetime necklace you can adjust to any length. Video on main page of our site! Comes with instruction tag of the 5 ways’s you can wear this necklace. 1.8mm Nice dainty look, especially doubled up.


THIS IS THE ONLY NECKLACE YOU NEED! At a fraction of jewelry store sterling.


Add a Necklace to your Attachable Pendant order…

Great necklace to add your own pendants too also!

37.5″ Long but clip to wear any length



(To add this charm see P61)


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