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4 in 1 Necklace – The Staple Necklace (Figaro) Silver Plated


Best Staple Necklace Ever!!!

THE All Length Figaro Necklace 4 in 1

( Wear this baby any length)

Clip up for your neckline look, or clip for medium length.

3 levels of Silvers:

1) Silver Plated $22.95 (N4-L)

(Great for sometimes wear, and gifting)

2) 10 Year Sterling Silver $42.95  (N10-L)

(Perfect level of silver – great price point, great longevity, great for anyone with nickel allergies. No nickel)

3) Lifetime Guaranteed 100% Sterling $82.95 (N12-L)

All are at the magic length 34.5″

Please add your customization info here. (Colour, length etc.)


Add a Necklace to your Attachable Pendant order…

Great necklace to add your own pendants too also!

Plus: We let you pick which level of silver you choose!


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