The ONLY Jewelry YOU Need!

The LAST Necklace Forever! (More than 4 WAYS to Wear!!!)


NEW Looks – SOO Affordable most items under $35

STRONG Steel Charms with Sterling Silver


MORE THAN JEWELRY – Attachable Charms ARE USEFUL as Pendants, Jacket & Sweater Zipper Charms, Purse & Wine Charms, & Decor!

The Inventor of the Design Concept and Mom, SIMS.literally has worn the SAME Necklace for OVER 12 Years!  Clip up in an instant to Wear Short, from wearing long. Adjust to medium length, wrap around double, backward lariat look, PLUS simply COLLECT new Charms for New Looks, AND use any pendants you already own!

“Are YOU wearing a SIMS?”

DON’T Take our Word for it…

” I get more compliments when I wear my SIMS, over my other more expensive Jewelry! Brings a smile to my face!” Lawyer from Edmonton, AB. – Cindy Davis,

” I wear  my SIMS Mask Necklace daily, so handy around the office. I must tell you I am soo amazed by never having to clean it, and the Strength has withstood even pulls from my dog!”  Manager from Kelowna. BC – Carrie Desharnais

“I Love it. I Wear it Everyday!” Sales Representative from Saskatchewan. – Kerry Junop

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