About SIMS Jewelry Co.

A creativity explosion occurred after 11 years in the Corporate Insurance World for SIMS. To believe it all started with finding a piece of stained glass, and making a jewelry present for a friend.

It is said, once you discover what you are meant to do, a passion truly develops and you can barely think about anything else. And so this exciting desire, passion, and goal has been set by Jewelry Designer/Entrepreneur from Kelowna, B.C. Canada, Sarah Simpson Byrne nicknamed SIMS, is to hear the words…


“I felt like a rock star, when someone walked up and asked if I was wearing a SIMS! Thank you.” Lesley D. – B.C.

With immediate popularity of the Crystal Themed Addicting Jewelry Line, and order requests from women of all ages, and from store owners across Canada and into the USA, where will SIMS Jewelry be found next?

This leap of faith and extreme change of careers for SIMS to pursue what she loves to do… she knows will be worth all of the hard work to continuously have SIMS Versatile Styles noticed in new places!

SIMS Jewelry Company Design’s, Manufacturer’s, Wholesale’s, and Retail’s at select show’s in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. SIMS features an addicting and stunning high fashion forward jewelry selection of Versatile Styles, with perfect prices!

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Email us any inquiries: sims@simsjewelry.ca
Custom orders are free! (without additional fees)

Phone: 250-878-5784